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  Yuntang Zhang
Technical department,Donghe

Yuntang Zhang joined the company in 2009,as one of technology backbone he persisted many technique innovations for products, he interpreted excellent charater of donghe people by practical action.
Dongwei Zhou
Administrative department ,Donghe

Dongwei Zhou, joined donghe equipment and worked as administrative staff, she wrote and edit almost all kinds of large scale application materials of company. In donghe this family which provide her variety of stage, she actively participated in various activities and grew up on the bisis of doing work well.
  Mingzhen Zhang
Sales department, Donghe.

Mingzhen Zhang, minister of sale department,joined donghe special equipment corp. and worked in sale department in 2008,he has achieved outstanding sale performance ,with high customer satisfaction and has become the company's sales model.
Meiying Zhang
vice-minister of sale department

Meiying Zhang graduated from Shangqiu Normal University with TEM eight level,joined donghe and engaged in in 2008 , her sales performance was increased yearly.
  Han bin
Product department of donghe

Han bin, minster of product department, has many years of production workshop management experience,decrease the production cost and has lead a production team with excellent skill, and built up the manufacturing production system of donghe equipments company.
Zhang zhen
Purchase department of donghe equipments company

Zhang zhen , joined the company in 2013, and is mainly responsible for the procurement of raw materials production company, the purchase cost is related with the produce cost of company, he not only can purchase the raw material with high quality ,but also minimized the purchase cost.
  Ding Houling
Donghe equipments---Medical waste treatment equipment engineer

Ding Houling, as the main R & D personnel of medical waste treatment equipment,overcomed the one after another technical difficulties, he still doesn’t forget his initial determination and became into a technical expert from an ordinery technician.
Chen Yufeng
Welder of production department, Donghe

Chen Yufeng, borned in 1992,has can-do attitude, study hard himself and make his welding technology increasingly .


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