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Shangqiu Donghe Special Equipments Incorporated Company manufacture mainly equipment of waste tire, waste plastics, waste oil recycling, medical waste disposal, and municipal solid waste incineration unit, etc. We’ve been in this area for more than 18 years. To expand the scale of enterprises, in addition with equipment manufacturing business, now we propose new cooperation modes to carry out both upstream and downstream industries development, proposed by way of joint acquisitation, shares or holding related companies so as to enter mutual development and mutual benefit.

I. The business scope of the joint venture (Partner)

  • Related enterprises with business of
  • Waste tire pyrolysis, waste plastics pyrolysis,
  • Used engine oil distillation and refining to recover diesel fuel oil or base oil,
  • Oil-sludge treatment,
  • Medical waste disposal,
  • Municipal solid waste incineration and power generation plant,
  • Hazardous industry wastes disposal, etc.

II. Requirement details
1) Related licenses and financial requirements:

  • Have a permit for dangerous waste disposal, EIA (environment impact assessment), Safety evaluation and other related procedures.
  • Existing plant has an annual net profit of at least 500 million yuan (including 5 million yuan)

2) Market requirements:
Have certain related experience in the industry, with a complete production and marketing system, ensure raw material supplying at least 50 tons per day (for waste oil), or 100 tons per day ( for waste tires), for medical waste and MSW projects, it shall be calculated separately accordingly.

3) Site and Plant requirements:
There are suitable site and plant, which if located in industrial park would be better.

III. Cooperation mode

  1. The capital scope for joint acquisition: on-demand, negotiation.
  2. Cooperation form: joint venture, acquisition, leasing, put in capital, technology, equipment, operation experiences, etc. in form of shares.

Shangqiu Donghe warmly welcome any enterprises who meeting iterms above to CONTACT US for negotiations with joint acquisition programs.  



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