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Donghe Distillation machines are for recycling waste engine oil, rubber oil, plastic oil, etc. to advanced fuel oil, or non-standard diesel, and lubricant base oil. The models are different with daily disposal capacity from 6TPD to 100TPD per single line. 

ZL-X Model

A. Brief descriptions about the processing: 

Pump the raw oil for further processing into tubular furnace, pyrolysis and heat in a decompression state to distillate oil vapour, make the oil vapour passing the condenser, then the part that can be liquefied will be condensed into oil product, and the part that cannot be liquefied will be sent into air heater for burning.


E. Characteristics of the equipment:

1. The key unit adopts vacuum catalytic cracking technology and chemical extraction technology.

 2. There is complete equipment equipped for environmental protection, e.g. waste gas burner and flue gas dust collecting room.

3. Adopt simple chemical method, eliminate the colour and peculiar smell of products.

Unique advantage



Unique technology for 100% guarantee of no fire and explosion accident besides normal measurement;




We have already obtained the international PCTPatent Cooperation Treaty) with application number of PCT/CN2010/080573 for Continuous Pyrolysis Method;

We have the unique technology for increasing the oil output (the oil yield is not less than 90% when the water by extraction is less than 5%); Reducing the fuel consumption (20 kg diesel for each ton of wast oil) and preventing coked. Meanwhile, we are good at reducing the sulfur, cloud point and color of the oil, which can be provided separately with additional cost.




We have a professional service staff especially responsible for your running plant besides our sales manager

and  the technician;

For installation--Our company will send one technician for each set of machine for guiding your installation,

testing  the machine and training your workers.


Please feel free to contact us for any questions about the equipment or technologies. 


We have running plant in our factory in China, please never hesitate to contact us for visiting and send us your detailed inquiry. 



Contact us:  0086-15036661588


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