• Product name: 15TPD continuous processing waste tyre pyrolysis machine
  • Product ID: WJ-9 continuous
  • Added time: 2015-07-28
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shape            columnar
operating pressure  normal pressure
cooling mode      circulating water
heating mode      new heating mode
certificate         ISO/CE/China Green Star
kind of drive       external gear drive
rotation speed of reactor   0.4 turn/minute
material of reactor   Q245R boiler steel
structure form      horizontal
noise             less than 80 dB (A)
plastic type         other
coal or firewoods or gas cost    60kg or 70kg or 30m³-35m³  (WJ---9)
time of feeding      within 1 hour (WJ---9)   
fuel              coal/ wood/natural/gas/fuel oil
discharging time    2-3 hours (WJ---9)   
desulfur server      unprecedented TECH
weld             automatic welding machine
gear             coupling with splined shaft
testing machine     X-ray detector
slag-out type   automatic slag-out system
total power of LWJ-6   35 KW 
feeder of LWJ-6       automatic feeder system with  speed feeder
170KW(when tire shredder is running)

  Process Diagram for Batch Model:

  3D Drawing for Batch Model:

  Specification sheet:

  Unique advantages compare with other suppliers:


  Unique technology for 100% guarantee of no fire and explosion accident besides normal measurement for safety such as safety valve, alarm system, etc.


  1. We have already obtained the international PCT(Patent Cooperation Treaty) with application number of PCT/CN2010/080573 for Continuous Pyrolysis Method.

  2. Increase 5% oil output: take 20 tons capacity for example, our plant brings you 1 ton/per day fuel oil more. The fuel oil is sold with the price around 4500 RMB/Ton, it means you can get 700 USD more per day.

  3. Heating method: adopt the latest heating method---take the advantages of both direct heating

  and indirect heating which brings the following profits:

  3.1 Fuel: it saves 20% fuel. Take coal for example, we will save around 100KGS per day. It means you can save 20 USD per day

  3.2 Depreciation: We only need to change the front part of the reactor by using this heating method. It will cost us around USD20000.00 for changing the whole reactor, while it will only cost us around USD4000.00 for changing the front part of the reactor.

  Quality: Besides the normal quality control measurement, we make every part of the machine with special process card which is designed exactly and strictly according to the ISO14001/9001

  Service: we have a professional service staff especially who is responsible for your running plant besides our sales manger and the technician.

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