Beneficence the world


At 9:00 on January 23, "" Ethnic Art · Chinese Community Tour "left-behind children love painting and calligraphy exhibition, Henan large public events", organized by Henan Office of the China Overseas Chinese Publishing House "Ethnic Arts", opened in Shangqiu veteran center. This event take art as a carrier, caring for rural left-behind children, building a harmonious society as the theme, all charity donations from donated works of art masters would be used for funding. Dozens of well-konwn artists from around the country took up the writing brush splash-ink at the site, although it’s cold outdoor, while the interior was cozy warmth suffering love. 

Shangqiu Donghe Special Equipments Incoporated Company, as the main sponsor of this event, in addition to providing responsible for all the artist’s reception room and board, provide further 100,000 yuan donation to the organizing committee for financing of rural left-behind children, the company chairman Li Dong visited the venue with busy schedule.The creative director of the Navy Political Department, Artists Association, Zou Liying felt like it and wrote down the emotional strong characters “Beneficence the world”.

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