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  In April,along with Shanghai has passed a sentence with 1-7years judgment to 5 wrecker,who has taken part in managing waste engine oil business without license. Be known as the most strict Environment Protection Law has got the love of grand public. In the past,only ask to pay a fine but now will pass a sentence,there are qualitative changes on punishment power. It seems that Xi greatly indeed determined to keep the ‘Beijing APEC Blue’ long-term.

  To crack down the unlicensed operation is to show the justice to who has got the license on waste environmentally dispose also show the responsibility to environmental protection. As one leading enterprise who majored in ’Manufacture,Environmental,Energy,waste to energy’,Donghe Company has looked far ahead and aim high having an insight into the importance of environmental protection,thus proposed the unique management concept ‘Doing Environmental Protection project is also doing charity’. At present,Donghe Company do not only has the ability on manufacturing waste engine oil refinery equipment and mature oil refinery operation ability,meanwhile Donghe company already got the waste engine oil collection permit,oil product selling permit,which is even rare,one brand new waste engine oil refinery equipment with annual capacity 15000tons has already been set up in factory,it will start operation once after it passed the environment assessment.

  Environmental protection is the responsibility of every conscientious citizen and enterprise. Let’s protect our motherland by heart of charity together !

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