Donghe helps customers to establish the largest waste tire oil refining enterprise in the world


  Recently, in the Donghe company's nanny service, Donghe and Thailand customers SP refining companies, it has built a Thailand and the world's largest scale of waste tires oil refining enterprises, the annual processing of waste tires 3.6 million tons, all the equipment and technology are from the Shangqiu Donghe Special Equipments Incorporated Company

  Since nine years ago, SP founded the company in a production line, to the present 14 production line, Donghe company relying on their own unique technology, high quality equipment and perfect service, won the favor of customers and loyal, repeat purchase orders. Fuel oil and carbon black, which is produced by the Donghe equipment, it is the ideal substitute for the traditional fuel, which is welcomed by the traditional fuel such as the glass factory, cement factory, printing and dyeing factory.

  At present, Thailand is the world's largest tire manufacturer, producing a lot of waste tires every year, enough raw materials, it is a huge potential market for our equipment manufacturing.

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