The installtion of plant in Australia has completed


  Following the installation of waste tyre pyrolysis plant in Britain, USA and other European developed countries completed successfully, two production lines installation are just completed in Australia this Sunday, and are ready to enter the pilot phase, it will be the first true waste tire pyrolysis refinery project in Australia.

  After 17 years of market baptism, Donghe Company's refining equipment and technology increasingly mature, we have now entered the eighth generation of products research and development, so as to get already to enter into the European and American developed market. European and American developed countries has high environmental protection requirements, clients need to take more than three years to get the environmental permits. But with our company’s nanny service and solutions cooperation, the Australia client got the environmental permits in advance, they’re very grateful for our services and support, and will increase further production lines, in order to meet the requirements of the standard plant, to help the government to solve the growing numbers of waste tires, changing waste to energy.

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