Made in China 2025, the road towards the manufacture of power


In this paper, Minister Miao Wei in May 26 "People's Daily" on 12 edition published a signed article.

Industrialization is the core of modern, bigger and stronger manufacturing sector is the only way for China to complete the process of industrialization. Since the mid-19th century, industry and rejuvenation of the Chinese nation full of dreams of countless people with lofty ideals, to explore the industrial powerhouse of the road. New China was founded 60 years in China started in a poverty-stricken, arduous, from small to large, the establishment of a complete range of modern industrial system, scale ranks first in the world to support our country realized from poor and backward agricultural country into a modern industrial country, and then with a shift in global economic power influence. In the new historical period, the central collective leadership with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of a global perspective and strategic vision, based on governance and global, proposed the implementation of a strategic manufacturing power. As a leading manufacture of power over the next 10 years building guidelines and the next 30 years to achieve the dream of manufacturing power programmatic document, "Made in China 2025" Made in China fully opens the way to grow stronger.

Aiming to achieve "two hundred years" goal

Enhanced development of manufacturing strategies anyone

The party's 18 years, with Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and a keen grasp of the stage characteristics and historical changes in China's economic and social development, vividly depicts the completion of a comprehensive well-off society and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream of a grand blueprint issued to realize the era called "two one hundred years" goal march, with a strong strategic command and target traction. The goal of the Chinese nation, the need to maintain sustained economic development and social progress. Only developed a solid material foundation to make the dream become a reality.

In modern times, the manufacturing sector has always been a country's economic development and prosperity to the foundation. The road to power the United States, Germany, Japan and other developed countries, are based on the size of the company, structural optimization, innovation ability, good quality of development, industry chain prominent international dominance powerful manufacturing. Many developing countries and regions out of poverty and backwardness, to achieve the developed countries and regions catch up and even surpass, but also by promoting industrialization and development of the manufacturing sector to achieve. In 2008 the international financial crisis once again proved that there is no solid manufacturing support, it will lead to continued blurring and weakening economies. In view of this, the developed countries have to implement "re-industrialization" strategy to attract and encourage the local high-end manufacturing reflux; emerging economies far behind, hoping a more favorable comparative advantage, weaving manufacturing power dream. As a developing country has over one billion people, to achieve "two hundred years" goal, must blaze in the "two-way squeeze" the challenges of a new trail, turn challenges into opportunities, gluten consolidate, reinforce the foundation .

China is at a critical stage of the mid to late industrialization transition. 2020 basically accomplish industrialization, speed up the construction of modern manufacturing power, has become China's building a moderately prosperous society and achieve the "China Dream" an important part. Manufacturing has been, is, and will continue to be to ensure a strong future backbone of the economy and infrastructure, determined to develop the manufacturing sector can not waver in the slightest. We can say that China can successfully promote the industrialization process, the momentum can maintain long-term, can stand out in the global competition, the development process of China's modernization is a key move. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that "the real economy is the national capital, and to develop advanced manufacturing industry, especially the manufacturing sector." We must firmly grasp the strategic position of the founding of the manufacturing industry, in-depth implementation of manufacturing power strategy, implement the "Made in China 2025" vision, and strive at the 100th anniversary of founding of New China, to build a world-class manufacturing power, for the realization of China great rejuvenation provide strong strategic support.

Accelerate the transformation of development mode closely and build a modern industrial system

Strengthening grow stronger policy guidance

After reform and opening up 30 years of rapid growth, China's economy has entered a growth shift, restructuring and power conversion features of the "new normal." How can maintain high-speed growth, but also to promote the industry towards high-end level, the key is to effectively change the mode of economic development, promote strategic adjustment of industrial structure. Manufacturing is the main battlefield of the transfer mode, adjust the structure. Initiative to adapt and lead the economic development of the new normal, the formation of a new growth engine, with emphasis on the manufacturing sector, the difficulties in the manufacturing sector, the manufacturing sector is also a way out. "Made in China 2025" aimed to solve the outstanding contradictions and problems facing China's manufacturing industry and accelerate the establishment of a modern industrial system, the guidelines proposed in the next 20 or even 10 years, the basic principle of word 30-year development of manufacturing industry, must perform a consistent manner.

- Adhere to innovation-driven. Innovation is the main engine manufacturing industry. China's manufacturing industry is not strong innovation ability, the key core technology controlled by others, a business-oriented innovation system is imperfect, research and development of industrial common technology and industrialization body missing and other issues outstanding. Construction manufacturing power, must to enhance the independent innovation capability as the central link, accelerate the construction of national manufacturing innovation system, build institutional environment conducive to innovation, to make China become the world's innovation leader.

- Insist on quality first. High quality is an important indicator of a strong manufacturing sector. In recent years, China-made products and improve the quality and technical level, but the product quality is not high, the lack of world-renowned brands, lack of leader development and other issues are still outstanding. Construction manufacturing power, must put quality as the lifeline of the brand, and strengthen the main responsibility, improve policies and regulations, technical standards, quality control system, advanced quality culture, enhance the quality of technical research and independent brand development, called out the slogan "China Quality" to create "Chinese brand."

- Adhere to green development. Green economy is not only a trend, but also to break the key resources, energy and environmental constraints. Whether it is based on a huge dependence on global resources and enhance the core competitiveness of thinking about the future of manufacturing, or follow the masses of mountains and rivers of hope and request all to promote green manufacturing urgency mark. Build a Manufacturing Giant, we must accelerate the upgrading of green manufacturing, the full implementation of industrial energy conservation and clean production, build efficient, clean, low-carbon, recycling, green manufacturing system, the path of development of ecological civilization.

- Adhere to structural optimization. Adjust the structure, optimize the layout throughout the whole process of the development of China's manufacturing industry. Although China has gradually formed a complete industrial system, but the structure is irrational, severe overcapacity, regional development and other issues homogenization been solved yet. Construction manufacturing power, must accelerate the construction of high-end leads, and the future of a new system of modern industry as a central task to promote traditional industries to high-jump, to develop high-end manufacturing and producer services, and promote the coordinated development of medium and small and micro enterprises, continued optimization industrial layout, and take the path of development quality and efficiency of mention.

- Adhere to people-oriented. Talent is the fundamental guarantee of manufacturing power. For leading talent, high-level technical talent shortage, lack of a group of outstanding entrepreneurs, high-level management personnel and high-quality professional skilled personnel and other issues, should the talent as a fundamental building manufacturing power, establish a sound scientific and rational selection , employment, education mechanisms, accelerate the construction of a high-quality, reasonable structure and manufacturing personnel, change the "demographic dividend" for the "talent dividend", the path of development talent led.

Focus respond to the new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution

The quasi-industrial upgrade path directions

Currently, a revolutionary breakthrough in important areas and cross-integration of information technology, new energy, new materials, biotechnology and cutting-edge direction, is prompting a new round of industrial revolution, will have a disruptive impact on global manufacturing, and gradually changing development pattern of global manufacturing. The depth of integration, in particular the new generation of information technology and manufacturing, will promote manufacturing model, profound changes in the organization of production and industrial forms. German Industry 4.0, the US Internet industry, new industries, represented by France, built around major developed countries create a competitive advantage in terms of speeding up the information infrastructure, the core technology industry, strategic asset data, smart manufacturing as the core of the network economy, etc. strategic plan, seeking in technology, industry continues to lead, to occupy a favorable position high-end manufacturing areas of global value chains. This upgrading of the industrial structure will undoubtedly pose a challenge, but also to the development of China's manufacturing industry has brought important opportunities.

After a long catch of precipitation and accumulation, China today is the gap quite a number of areas in the world are at the forefront of technology minimum period of history, we have been able to follow up a parallel round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing and innovation development . "Made in China 2025" runs through a theme, it is to accelerate the depth of integration of the new generation of information and communication technology and manufacturing. With developed countries towards 4.0 3.0 Based on the different industrial, manufacturing as well as a considerable part of our stay at 3.0 or 2.0, only some of the leading industry may par 4.0. Implementation of the "Made in China 2025", must deal with the popularity of 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 of catching up makeup relations, strengthen the industrial base capability and improve the overall level of integration, to promote intelligent manufacturing as a starting point, cultivate a new mode of production, the manufacturing sector digital network of intelligence.

Continue to do the depth of integration of information technology and industrialization of this great article. Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and promote the transformation of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, and promote the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and other new information technologies in R & D, manufacturing, management and service the whole process and the whole industry chain of comprehensive integration applications, improve precision manufacturing, agile manufacturing capabilities, so old trees out new flowers, doing fine and stronger traditional industries. Accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing, promoting deep application and industrialization of intelligent core means to build self-controlled, open and orderly, competitive intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, and actively create digital workshop, intelligent factories, manufacturing equipment and products to enhance intelligence level, so that new shoots grow into a tree, bigger and stronger high-end industry. To develop new information consumption, and cultivate new products are based on industry new Internet format new model, to create a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurial innovation, stimulate public business, Peoples innovation. Adhere to independent research and open collaboration both to speed up the establishment of modern information technology industry system, promote the next generation of national information infrastructure and communication industry restructuring and development, and improve network and information security integrated security system, to promote two of the depth of integration, building networks to provide power foundation support.

Response to the economic downward pressure and achieve the "Thirteen Five" good start

Accelerate the deployment of a major decision to take root

Now, as the "three overlay" affect China's economic downward pressure continued to increase, highlighting the deep-seated contradictions between industry, clear differentiation between regions, and some industrial enterprise production and management difficulties, the economy is facing a situation more complex, more grim. Economic stability Zhiyuan line, you must first reinforce the foundation. Implementation of the "Made in China 2025", lay the short-term and long-term strategic policy "combined", is not only conducive to the consolidation of manufacturing and pillar of this advantage, and enhance China "long-distance" endurance, and will stimulate the release of market vitality, foster the birth of more new economic growth and growth pole for "Thirteen five" good start has laid a good foundation.

For economic downward pressure on the current trend, around five major projects in national manufacturing innovation center, intelligent manufacturing, strong industrial base, green development, innovation and other high-end equipment, pay close attention to the urgent needs to start a group, a good pre-basic conditions, both Lee and promote long-term focus of the current project, accelerate the formation of effective investment and create new consumption hot spots, and promote product and technology upgrades, support major equipment "going out" and the advantages of international cooperation in energy production, promote the realization of "speed diminished potential, increase in volume better quality. "

The future needs of the global competition, in accordance with the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, the implementation of the strategy into the manufacture of power among the country's overall development strategy, and innovation-driven development strategy, this strategy, opening-up strategy, military and civilian integration strategy, building networks power and "along the way" and other regional development strategy closely engaging, collaborative development. Focus on research and development, marketing, business, personnel of the four industrial base, to create a complete policy system supporting high-end industry forward, reducing the burden for businesses, for the manufacture of deregulation, to create escort, creating encourage down to earth, industry rich social atmosphere.

Implement the "Made in China 2025", we must play to our institutional strengths. To accelerate the establishment of manufacturing power to promote the construction of work mechanisms, at the national manufacturing power construction leading group of co-ordination should give full play the role of a strategic decision to support the Advisory Committee to mobilize all forces, targeting key areas, pay close attention to key, real policy support for all aspects of solid and steadily push forward the work.

We are standing on the history and future of the intersection, the construction of the great journey of manufacturing power are clear ground floor unfold. Adhere to the new path of industrialization with Chinese characteristics, the strategic concentration, policy guidance, path direction, policy support unity in the great practice of manufacturing power "three-step" strategy of Chinese manufacturing to grow stronger goal can be achieved.

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