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Recently, the China National Petroleum Corporation announced the Changqing oil field discovered a hundred million tons of China's first large-scale dense oil field in northern Shaanxi Jiyuan - Xin'an side Oilfield, proven oil reserves of 100 million tons tight.


Tight oil is at or near the finger grip tight reservoir system of high quality raw oil, oil accumulations have not been large-scale long-distance migration and the formation of oil resources and source rocks adjacent to a large area of ​​symbiotic or continuous distribution, reservoir rock including sandstone, limestone and tight carbonates, overburden pressure matrix permeability less than 0.1mD (some scholars believe 0.2mD), single well without natural industrial capacity.

The first to achieve the success of the North American exploration and development of tight oil makes it marine "tight oil revolution" facilitator. The tight oil the concept is the introduction of our oil academia and industry in 2009, the real turn-on time is relatively short. At present, China has proven tight oil type is continental, characterized by poor stability of reservoir distribution, strong heterogeneity, flow mechanism is complex, difficult to evaluate, complexity and particularity.

After preliminary research, testing and research, in recent years, China set off the development of tight oil boom. PetroChina four tight oil Key Development Experimental Zone, the Changqing Oilfield initial realization of benefits of development, now has formed a 10 million ton exploration basin scale reserves; Daqing Oilfield has become the maintenance of tight oil 40 million tons of crude oil production of new hope "13 Five "period will enter the production stage on the scale; tons of reserves in Qinghai Oilfield Block Springs area Jah deployed tight oil production capacity of 50,000 tons of construction tasks; Turpan-Hami Oilfield technology integration more committed to finding" sweet zone "to increase the density oil drilling success rate, tight oil extraction is accelerating pace.

Late last year, officially entered the sequence list tight oil in the oil reserves. From 2009 to the early introduction of the concept of tight oil exploration, to achieve tight oil major discoveries, six years, the oil gradually formed Changqing Oilfield, the Qinghai Oilfield, the Turpan-Hami Oilfield and Daqing oil field mainly focused on the development of four test area. Tight oil development takes shape, become unconventional oil and gas resource development "reinforcements."

Our tight oil extraction depends on the enthusiasm of the speed of technological progress, the international oil price and the level of national policy support. Rapid technological advances, high international oil prices, the national policy support large, dense oil exploration initiative and scale will be larger.

Industry experts believe that the state should like to support to support the development of shale gas as a dense oil for tight oil extraction enterprises should also be given appropriate subsidies, (at present, China's central government on shale gas companies to give 0.4 yuan / cubic meter of subsidy ) For example, how much subsidy per tonne of oil, so as to mobilize the enthusiasm of mining companies. Support and guide national policy will promote China's continental tight oil faster and better development and large-scale industrial development. Especially in the international oil prices environment, how to solve the efficiency problem of tight oil development, policy support will have a crucial impact.

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