Seventy percent of black waste engine oil flow to "black market"



Waste oils are hazardous waste, according to state regulations, should have recovered waste oil recycling department qualified, can some of the auto repair shop casually sold to small traders without qualification. "May 15, Urumqi of Xinjiang Metropolis Daily Liu public in the hope that the relevant departments to strengthen the management of waste oil and other hazardous wastes.

In fact, the proper disposition of Urumqi waste oil is imminent. Reporter held from early April motor vehicle repair and dismantling industry standardization hazardous waste management training meeting that the rapid increase in vehicle population in Urumqi, resulting in bringing convenience to the people at the same time, vehicle repair and maintenance process The waste oil up to about 7000 tons a year, of which nearly Qicheng law fails to safe disposal of Urumqi environment poses a great security risk.

Xinjiang Daily News (reporter Zhang Xiangyang report)

Waste oil all go

Currently, Urumqi car ownership more than 700,000, a huge consumer groups hard, let the car repair and maintenance industry business is booming.

Lubricants, oil is often said, as the car engine running necessities, for every 5,000 km or 3 months to be replaced again. Owners in the new oil to replace the golden translucent, ever noticed the dark abandoned oil went to where?

May 15, reporter random survey of a dozen owners, we said that did not interfere in auto repair shop after the 4S shop or service center to replace oil, waste oil specific whereabouts are not clear.

May 16, for the whereabouts of waste oil, the reporter visited a number of auto repair shop and 4S service center.

An auto repair shop in the Western Hills West, asked the whereabouts of waste oil, the boss said people often come to acquire, some waste oil was sold to a building site on panels with it a release of oil, as well as listening and speaking for the refining diesel.

"The acquisition of waste oil are more often someone will take the initiative to come to acquire." Jinsha River Road, an auto repair shop owner said that, as to what purpose is that he has never been concerned. Whether to buy waste oil is qualified to acquire the unit, he did not concern too, just on a good price we sold.

And a car in the city of Urumqi three 4S shop maintenance center staff have said that waste oil are handed over to a qualified acquired businesses.

However, one man tells reporters that Motown was his "territory", waste oil 4S repair centers are sold him, to take away from the Motor City waste oil, had received from his hands. The man said that Urumqi has recovered only three qualified enterprises, waste oil was sold he acquired one of qualified enterprises.

Conversation, the man said that if the price of a high number of reporters, he may consider selling part of the reporter, but shipped waste oil must be quietly carried away when sky is not bright.

Waste oil sell the price several times

Reporter survey found that most of the waste oil is sold in units of barrel, a barrel of oil waste by weight to about 180 kg, the sale prices ranging from 100 yuan to 700 yuan.

3 4S shop maintenance center have said they are in accordance with the requirements of the waste oil recycling qualified companies to have recycling, waste oil barrel price of only 100 yuan.

Xishan Street, boss Jinsha River Road and many other auto repair shop, said after the waste oil was collected "oil traders" from time to time home purchase, their waste oil sold for 600 yuan to 700 yuan a barrel. An auto repair shop owner said that if, as the 4S shop selling only 100 yuan, they would not sell.

"Waste oil price is based on gasoline and diesel prices to decide, when high bucket sold seven or eight hundred dollars, but now also sold 400 yuan a barrel." Jinsha River Road, an auto repair shop owner said.

According to relevant regulations, hazardous waste label must stick to the waste oil drums, storage place should also be posted on signs of hazardous waste. To the survey, reporters found that some auto repair shop on the streets, not only drums dark, neither in accordance with the regulations on hazardous waste barrel pasting labels, there is no sign posted hazardous waste.

4S shop maintenance center is relatively better, generally relatively clean oil drums, waste oil storage site has posted a hazardous waste sign.

Improper disposal of waste oil pollution of the environment seriously

Solid waste management center in Xinjiang regulatory Deputy Chief Meng Jiao said, waste oil, waste batteries and other vehicles have a certain toxicity of waste, if disposed of improperly can pollute soil and water. Wide range of large waste oil, how to deal with is a difficult point in the country. "Solid Waste Pollution Prevention Law" stipulates that the future generation of hazardous waste, to regulate disposal, must be handed over to a qualified hazardous waste disposal companies, this qualification is issued by the environmental protection department of hazardous waste operating license.

Currently, Urumqi qualified hazardous waste disposal companies, only three, Meng Jiao said: qualified companies, after the waste oil collected through the standard disposal procedures, you can get reused. If it is not standard business recovery, refining useful to go to dispose of impurities, will cause some harm to the environment. But small business, hawkers recycling prices relatively high, auto repair shop attractive formal recycling companies also have impact.

Urumqi Environmental Monitoring detachment greatly Liang said, according to the survey, the current year's Urumqi motor vehicle maintenance, waste oil generated during maintenance of about 7000 tons, of which around seventy percent of waste oil is not required by law for safe disposal. Studies show that one ton of waste oil can on the one million liters of water causing serious pollution. Thus, the rational disposal of hazardous wastes is imminent.

Strengthen the supervision of strict law enforcement

In early April, held in Urumqi motor vehicle repair and dismantling industry standardization hazardous waste management training mobilization meeting, more than 380 auto repair shop, 4S shop owners to focus on learning about the policies, regulations and standards regulate the management of hazardous wastes, opened the Urumqi Curtain specification motor vehicle repair and dismantling industry consolidation hazardous waste disposal.

Liang said much, Urumqi rapid increase in vehicle population, from 2009, more than 10 million to 70 million, bringing convenience to the people at the same time, with the attendant also caused traffic, public security, roads and difficulty environmental management work of various departments.

Environmental protection department, maintenance and dismantling of waste oil generated in the motor vehicle, waste lead-acid batteries, waste paint residue and other waste is reasonable, normative disposal is the focus of law enforcement, people appear to be very common waste, but clearly identified by the state as a hazardous waste, hazardous characteristics generally have corrosive, toxic, etc., dumped or disposed of improperly causing damage not only be difficult to restore the ecological environment, and would seriously endanger human health. How to strengthen the law on environmental regulation of hazardous wastes and pollution prevention, environmental regulators are placed in a prominent issue, of course, how to legally regulate the collection, disposal and transfer, is before us an important work.

Liang much training mobilization meeting, said that at present, Urumqi water, gas and other environmental supervision is relatively large, it has basically entered standardized management track. From 2015 onwards, Urumqi Environmental Monitoring detachment will comprehensively promote the standardization of the management of hazardous wastes, hazardous wastes do declare and change notification registration, declaration of change to further improve long-term mechanism of hazardous wastes and dynamic management, non-false or deceptive reports. Meanwhile, Urumqi Environmental Monitoring detachment brigade will join the county take the daily inspection, sampling and other forms of verification produce each unit of hazardous waste, disposal and transfer of the single implementation, and severely punish violations of hazardous waste environment, to ensure environmental safety. Once found illegal disposal of cases, will not be tolerated soft, found together, deal with together, the transfer of the transfer of the judiciary the judiciary, the high-limit high-limit penalties penalties.

Liang much, said in 2015 the newly revised "Environmental Protection Law" official purposes, which clearly stipulates that the illegal discharge of pollutants companies should bear the corresponding administrative responsibility for the illegal dumping of hazardous waste, illegal discharge of pollutants units and individuals may be implemented consecutive daily punishment and transferred to public security departments for administrative detention

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