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Equipment lease

Shangqiu Donghe Special Equipments Incoporated Company, as a NEEQ (the “New Three Board”) public listed company, in order to help some clients who meeting with problems from capital excessive pressure, especially launch a further diversified business mode of equipment leasing: participated by professional rental company, and with “buy-back equipment”, our company provide guarantees for clients, which allows the clients to put the full set of equipment start running and production with only less part of prepayment at the beginning, it completely solves the clients’ worries.

Equipment leasing business benefits the client side:

  1. Saving money: In the case of shortage of funds, you can pay only less capital to get the whole set of equipment on demand and start producing.
  2. Tax savings: The monthly lease expenses could be charged as operating costs, that could save costs related to tax expenses. 
  3. Safe and reliable: My company, as the "equipment buy-back 'guarantor, would be totally careful to provide customers with follow-up services to ensure the normal operation and profitability of the project. 

Applicable business for equiment leasing:

  • Waste tire pyrolysis,
  • Waste plastics pyrolysis,
  • Used engine oil refining to diesel fuel oil or base oil,
  • Oil sludge disposal,
  • Medical waste disposal,
  • MSW incineration and power generation plant,
  • Hazardous industrial wastes disposal and any related projects.

Applicable customers for equipment leasing business:

  1. Clients with capital pressure, shortage of funds;
  2. Holding related qualifications or licenses, including hazardous wastes disposal permits, EIA (environment impact assessment), Safety evaluation and other related procedures, etc. 
  3. Other clients with demands. 

Equipment leasing business processes:
To be negotiated ccording to actual situation of the project.

Shangqiu Donghe sincerely welcome any enterprises having funding requirements, with relevant licenses come to visit us orCONTACT US directly for negotiation on joint acquisition programs.  



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