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Oil is the blood of modern industry, is a very important strategic resources. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2010 China's oil consumption of 700 million tons, and 3% -5% per year. With the amount of use of lubricants annually, while the used oil down for more (hereinafter referred to as waste oil).

The waste oil is discarded into the environment, it will cause serious environmental pollution. Discard the oil in the ground, into the soil. Partially decomposed by microorganisms, and most of the rain into the water bodies as nature, 200L barrel of oil can contaminate 2-4 square kilometers of waters. Since the oil in the oil film formed on the surface of the water to prevent the exchange of dissolved gases with the atmosphere, greatly reducing the water's oxygen content, which will cause massive death of aquatic plants and animals. Visible, oil damage to the environment is great. Scientific assessment in accordance with waste oil recycling Situation and China's national conditions in Europe and America and other countries, China's oil recovery rate should be above 80%. At present, China's lubricant total with about 700 million tons, at 80% recovery of waste oil should be recycled about 5.5 million tons. But the amount of oil recovered in recent years, China is only about 1.5 million tons, as well as the resource potential of four million tons of waste oil recycling. And every year a significant increase.


Our country is second only to the United States energy consumption big country, "National Economy and Social Development Twelfth Five-Year Plan's recommendations" clearly want to save resources as a basic national policy. The development of recycling economy, protect ecological environment and accelerate the construction of resource-saving society, to carry out comprehensive utilization of resources, it is to implement the basic national policy of saving resources. Transformation of economic growth, the development of recycling economy and building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, is currently an urgent task. Protecting the environment is a major event in the contemporary interest, power future generations.

Technology Brief:

The waste oil, added tubular heater heated by distillation, distillate oil vapor, oil vapor and then through the condenser, the base fuel oil fractionation by sedimentation filtration treatment, adding bleaching agents, reconcile become qualified fuel oil.

Operation of major pollution and control measures

1) gas

Project exhaust pipe comes mainly from coal-fired furnace flue gas, flammable macromolecular group over parts of C25H52 cracker and reboiler cyclone collected cleavage reaction produced non-condensable gases.

2) Wastewater

1) Process Wastewater

The project comes mainly from raw process wastewater cleaning waste, waste water seal. According to information provided by the construction unit shows that the amount of process wastewater generated 50L / t of fuel oil, the project will build an annual output of fuel oil 7500t, whereby estimates, process wastewater produced about 4.3m3 / d, 1300 m3 / a, process wastewater The main pollutants are pH (acidity), SS, oil and the like. Project intends to process wastewater discharged into weak alkaline solution to reconcile the pool, after precipitation grease treatment after the wastewater neutralized through three filters, achieve sound, able to get part of special evaporation processor (which is a heat source using body heat processor flue heat) evaporation, can be used to cool the reactor body, and extrusion process exhaust gas into the combustion chamber, the remainder of the water discharged into the industrial park sewage pipe network, and ultimately discharged into rivers.

3) Noise

Arising primarily from the fan, crushers, pumps, high noise equipment, source strength at 80 ~ 100dB (A), the noise can be taken to reduce noise to miss the following:

(1) Use low-noise equipment, equipment design, selection of low noise, improve the mechanical assembly of precision mechanical vibration and reduce noise generated by friction, prevent resonance;

(2) Installation of high noise muffler material measures adopted. In the noise sources centralized plant.

(3) rational distribution: The general layout of the plant as far as possible away from the plant boundary noise source is arranged to reduce the impact on the external environment.

(4) reduce the noise impact on the surrounding environment and use of the building through the thick wall insulation.

After all strong noise source device to take measures noise and silencer, the noise pollution can be effectively controlled, the noise can be controlled by the above measures, "boundary of industrial enterprises noise standard" (GB12348-90) Ⅲ class standard.

(4) solid waste

The project is mainly solid waste pyrolysis and refined precipitate a solid residue slag system automatically generated garbage, cinder. In cinder produce about 32 t / a, cinder bricks or paving can be used; the amount of garbage generated 1t / a, cross the sanitation department.

(5) Green

Green is the natural ecology is an important part indispensable. Green plants not only beautify the environment, absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen and with the absorption of harmful gases, dust adsorption, sterilization, improve microclimate, shelters, noise and air pollution monitoring and integrated long-term effects of many aspects, which no other measures It can not be replaced.

Therefore, the plant greening, reasonable with a variety of plants. In the green, while giving full play to the purification plant, dust, noise-isolation and other effects. Purposes only beautify the regional environment, to improve and protect the environment.



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