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 I. 3D drawing: 
 II. Each set of Waste Plastic Oil Refining Equipment consists of following device systems:  

1. Host horizontal rotating reactor. 
2. Auto-Feeding system
3. Pressure,temperature alarm system
4. Automatic slag system
5.The central electric control system 
6. Tank cooling system 
7. Gas heating system (waste gas treatment system)
8. Smoke sulfur removal system
 III. Process Diagram of Waste Plastic Refining Equipment:    
 IV. Parameters for the Waste Plastic Refining Equipment:   
Item Details
Raw Material Waste plastics like PE, PP, PVC, etc, also waste tyres, etc.
Structural Form Horizontal Rotation
Model WJ-9 
Reactor Size D2800*L7100mm
Production Capacity 15 ~ 20T waste plastics after drying
Pressure Normal Pressure
Fuel                                                 Coal, Wood, Fuel Oil, and Nature Gas, etc.                      
Average Oil output Rate 50%
Reactor Steel Thickness 16mm
Reactor Rotation Speed 0.4-0.8 turn/minute
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Service Life 5-8 years
Occupied Area 40m*10m
 V. Photos of the Waste Plastic Refining Equipment:
 VI.  About Shangqiu Donghe Special Equipments Co., Ltd. :  


Shangqiu Donghe Special Equipments Co., Ltd. Is a technology company specializing in producing waste tire, plastics

and oil refinery equipments. With professional solution of “tech, product, service”, we supplied more than 400 sets of oil

refining equipments during the last year, for customers from all over the world. 

With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, Shangqiu Donghe has become expert in the following specialty areas

of following oil refining equipments:

  • Scrap Plastic Continuous Refining Equipment
  • Scrap Rubber Continuous Refining Equipment
  • Waste Oil Vacuum Distillation Device
  • Medical Wastes Oil Refining Equipment

Our design engineers are the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry and have worked on thousands of

projects. Shangqiu Donghe can help you to choose the most suitable equipment model according to your specific require-

ment. Meanwhile, we have running plants and you’re greatly welcome to meet at any time. Any problem about this busi-

ness and our equipments, please be free to contact us.

 VII.  Installed Plants of our Profects  :   
 Pyrolysis Refining Plant in Oman
   Pyrolysis Refining Plant in Peru

             We have also Oil refining equipments running in Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, China, etc.

          Your visiting will be always welcome!

  VIII. Certificates:

         Any problems about the project, or any questions about our equipments, please never hesitate

  to contact us by email or call us directly, we have most professional customer service teams with

  excellent spoken English to satisfy your inquiry furthest! 



Contact us:  0086-15036661588

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