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Enterprise Development History

In 1998, the company founder invented the FIRST rotary waste plastic pyrolysis equipment.


In 2000, the FIRST waste rotary plastic pyrolysis equipment was exported to South Korea.


In 2001, the FIRST waste tire pyrolysis pilot equipment test succeeded, the same year, the first single tank waste lubricating oil distillation unit test success.


2007, the FIRST fully enclosed and continuous processing type of waste tyre pyrolysis line in the pilot center test succeeded.


In 2008, the establishment of Shangqiu Donghe Special Equipments Co., Ltd. At the same year, continuous waste lubricant oil refinery production line pilot succeeded.


2010, cooperated with US Gree Tech Co., waste medical processing equipment, adopting microwave sterilization and pyrolysis carbonization technique, pilot succeeded.


2013, established the new factory, engated in waste tyre, waste plastic, waste lubricant refining equipment manufacture and technique research, it’s one of the largest factory and research enter over the world.


2015, the company restructured to Shangqiu Donghe Special Equipments Incorporated Company.


2015, successfully public listed, STKCDE: 834961, Stknme: Donghe Equipments.



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